Employability: Who is Responsible for It?

Today, employability of graduates lies in the range of 20%-25%. Isn’t this an alarming statistic? Why is this ratio, so low? Who is responsible for it – Parents, Institutions, Corporate’s, or the students themselves? Let’s understand the need for improving the current kaleidoscope by building an ecosystem that helps graduates nurture the requisite skills and development of adequate skills that the corporates look for in an ideal candidate. In this webinar, we will explore more insights about the roles & responsibilities of institutions, corporates, training providers and students in increasing the country’s employability index. The webinar will take you through various principles of employability skill assessments and its importance in today’s world.

The webinar will touch upon the following:

1. What is employability?

2. Why is employability important – to Institutions & universities?

3. Why is employability important – to academic staffs?

4. Employability skill assessment and its impact

5. The role of Corporate towards employability

6. Q&A

Abhishek Ajmera

Head – Certification Products, MeritTrac


14 09 2017


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